Sunday, March 26, 2006

walgreens quality control

“Walgreen mission is to offer customers the bestdrugstore service in America. We are guided by acentury-old tradition of fairness, trust and honestyas we continue to expand our store base and offercareer opportunities to a fast-growing and diversegroup of men and women. Our goal is to develop peoplewho treat customers - and each other - with respectand dignity. We will support these efforts with themost innovative retail thinking, services andtechnology. The success we achieve will allow us toreinvest in our future and build long-term financialsecurity for our employees and our shareholders.”Walgreen believe in quality of the store condition notonly that but also making every customer’s visitpleasurable. In order to maintain quality and stickwith mission, there are many steps taken by Walgreenson everyday basis, which are listed below.

Quality control Steps:

• Quality of Store Condition: To stay in the competitions with the other drugstores, Walgreen is really big on its condition, keepit neatly and organize. In addition to easy accessable to customers.
• Superiority of Customer Service: Walgreen believe in to serve its best to everycustomer walk in to the door; there about a millioncustomer walks in to Walgreen’s door every day.
• Quality of Accuracy in Pharmacy Department:There are so many activities are behind pharmacy door,the accuracy of entering, filling and verifying allthe prescription of the day; on the top of that freeconsultation at certain point.
• Monitors by Upper management:Store condition, Customer Service, Sales figure,Inventory level etc. check on regular basis by uppermanagement also, periodically visit by executives. Management performs important part in to qualitycontrol of Walgreen Company.
• Excellence of Employee and Managers: In order to maintain company’s quality, Walgreen has awell developed training program for employee and storelevel managers.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Walgreens and Technology

Store Systems is a department of over forty leading technology and business professionals who create and maintain the applications that improve customer service and profitability for Walgreens stores and pharmacies. These applications include Point-of-Sale, Time and Attendence, Signs, Labor Scheduling, Photo Plus and Manager's Workbench. Because of the central role these systems play in Walgreen's business strategy, Programmer/Analysts can expect to do more than write code; you will conceive and create business solutions.
From concept to completion, our Programmer/Analysts work in teams to ensure that all systems run smoothly and serve our customers efficiently. Programmer/Analysts work on several platforms including UNIX, AS/400, PC and Mainframe. Our systems require ongoing knowledge of the most advanced programming languages such as Java, C, PERL, UNIX Korn Shell, COOL:2E (Synon), IBM 4690 Basic, MVS, XML, Lotus Notes Development, COBOL, JCL, CL, and others.
We believe that our success as a company is directly related to your success as a professional and as a person with a life outside work. For your professional development, we provide on-the-job training and ongoing skill enhancement. These training opportunities range from intensive instruction in new programming languages to business and management training that helps team members become better project leaders.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Walgreens Process Selection

Walgreens uses the batch product flow. Walgreens produces different types of products, in medium quantities, and some customization.
Walgreens deals with outside vendors. Because of this, they are charged slotting fees. Like supermarkets, vendors such as Coke, Pepsi and Frito-Lay, they come into stores and buy shelf space. Because shelf space is competitive, prices for product will go up, which will increase the costs for the customers.Walgreens deal directly with the manufacturers. If they want to sell products in our stores, we will give them the space by taking out the middle man, and reducing costs. We buy in bulk, pay on time, and change our sales profit margin. Our products are private labeled, which gives the company complete cost control. We store everything in our stockrooms, which they provide to each Stores. The way we do business, our sales profit margin is between 33% and 34%. We order straight from our warehouse, and everything is shipped directly to the store by our warehouse.
Make To stock is the process that most fits how our company operates. We buy products, we produce and that will find a following among our customers. Sometimes it's a product which we stock in a large quantity as long as it sells well; sometimes we buy a product which is in limited supply, sell through it, and you won't find it again.
Walgreens fall into the batch and make to stock cell in the process characteristics matrix.
Market condition and labor influence our product process selection. For example, if the new low carb diets are in the craze than we will carry a greater variety of low-carb products. If soy is the new diet of choice, we will carry more soy products. Nonetheless, each of these products has to find their way into our shelves.
Again Walgreens mission is to offer customers the best drugstore service in America. We are guided by a century-old tradition of fairness, trust and honesty as we continue to expand our store base and offer career opportunities to a fast-growing and diverse group of men and women. Our goal is to develop people who treat customers - and each other - with respect and dignity. We will support these efforts with the most innovative retail thinking, services and technology. The success we achieve will allow us to reinvest in our future and build long-term financial security for our employees and our shareholders.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Walgreens Inventory System

Walgreens Strategic Inventory Management System, this innovative, closed-loop system unites all elements of the purchasing-distribution-sales cycle, providing immediate inventory information which optimizes inventory management, and produces better in-stock conditions and faster reaction to sales trends.
In-store IBM AS/400 computers combine store scanning with SIMS, allowing our buyers to track item movement from the time merchandise arrives at the distribution centers to the time the product is sold at the checkout.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Walgreens Operation

In 1901, Charles R. Walgreen purchased the chicago drugstore where he was working as a pharmacist. He also began manufacturing his own drug product to ensure high quality and low prices. In Mid 1930's, the stores had advanced fixture design, new lighting techniques and colors, ideas that helped modernize drugstores layout and design. In early 1950's transition was made for clerk service to self services. In late 1960's Walgreens became the first major drug chain to put it’s prescriptions into child-resistant late 1970's Walgreen began to upgrade its distribution network, investing in new facilities and sophisticated computerized systems.